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CliniExperts understands how vital it is for the hospitality industry to possess an understanding of the rules and regulations pertaining to food safety. Driven by the same cause, we present to you Food Safety Mantra, an initiative of CliniExperts that brings you all the latest updates and information regarding food safety regulations, mandates, and compliances issued by the government and independent authorities. Run by a team of experts in the medical and food compliance consultancy sector, Food Safety Mantra is the perfect place where our readers can find resources regarding food safety explained in a simplified manner.

Our compilation of food regulatory information aims to reach readers of all backgrounds, be it small to large organizations, to individuals seeking to attain a better understanding for knowledge gathering or even scholastic purposes. However, reaching entrepreneurs who have just stepped in or are aspiring to delve into the food industry is a mission close to our hearts, as we aim to arm them with an arsenal of knowledge regarding FSSAI compliances under the FSS (2006) Act. Food Safety Mantra strives to shed light upon every nook and cranny of the food regulatory body’s opinions, decisions, and latest news to help organizations and entrepreneurs make the right decisions, thereby providing safe and high-quality products to their customers while keeping their health at the forefront.  On this forum, our team of experts will address and interpret the best practices and compliances prescribed by the FSSAI in every aspect of foods, be it proprietary foods, beverages, supplements, spices, and additives, or other consumer products.

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